The Brega Path
Cover:  Richard Bober

The Brega Path
Book two of the Silver Call Duology
Takes place:  5E231-32

I have walked in Kraggen-Cor, a bygone Realm of might;
but its light is gone, and dread now stalks the halls.

Brega, Bekki's son
January 18, 4E2019


Underworld or Undermountain?

From Dawn-Gate to Dusk-Door the Brega Path was the only sure route through the evil-ridden caverns of Kraggen-Cor.  Yet within this maze more than Dark lurked beyond the flicker of a Warrows torch.  In the roots of Kraggen-Cor, deep as very Hèl itself, Spawn-home and Gargon-lair stood before the Path.  Caught in a netherworld of fissured stone and unnatural dark a small squad of Warrow, Dwarf, and Human fought their way through chambers measureless and caves of peril with the very hope and fate of Mithgar itself at stake.

-- Excerpts from the book.


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