Second Mithgar Map Contest Announced!

As Jack announced below, we are holding a Mithgarian Map Sweepstakes for another of Jack's splendid renditions of a map: A Part Of Mithgar. It's a perfect adjunct to most of the Mithgarian sagas.

Here are the "rules":

1) Entrants must be a member of one of the three message boards (Encyclopedia Mithgar, One-Eyed Crow, Halls of Mithgar)

2) The sweeps will run from now till the end of June

3) Each entrant must email his or her name within that time to Jack Cook

4) Jack will put each entrant's name on a _numbered_ list

5) At the end of June, Jack will tell Dennis how many numbers/entrants there are

6) Dennis will randomly select a number (with the roll of an X-sided die, where X is equal to the number of entrants ... Dennis does have special roll-playing dice and can accommodate any number of entrants, from 1 to X)

7) Dennis will email Jack the number rolled

8) Jack will email Dennis who that is

9) The winner's name will be posted on all three message boards

10) The winner will email Dennis the address where the map is to be sent, and he'll forward the map and a letter of provenance to the winner.

That's it, gang. Send your name to Jack. He'll make a list and check it twice and (tum te dum) who's naughty and nice ... :-)


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