The Dark Tide
Cover:  Alan Lee

The Dark Tide
Book one of the Iron Tower Trilogy
Takes place:  4E2018-19

And that is what Evil does:  forces us all down
dark pathways we otherwise would not have

Rael of Arden
January 10, 4E2019


The Darkness awakens . . .

The Captain raised his voice so all could hear, "Some of the rumors are true:  There is trouble brewing up North.   High King Aurion prepares for war with Modru!"  A collective gasp of dismay welled up from the assembled Warrows.  "There's a great wall of darkness stalking down the land from the North, like a great black shadow.  And inside the darkness is bitter cold and the sun shines not.  And there be fell creatures within that blackness, Rucks and such, a gathering of his Horde.  Some skirmishes with the Enemy's forces already have occured."

Shouts broke out among the Warrows.  Black Shadows?  Modru's Horde?  Legends come to Life?

"Why now?" a small voice asked, puzzled.  "After four thousand years, why does Modru threaten now?"

-- Excerpts from the book.


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