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Cover:  Donato Giancola

The Dragonstone
Takes place:  1E9251

Perhaps, Ferai, you are along to make us
believe that we indeed have free will.

And perhaps, Burel, you are along to make us
believe we do not.

The Rede of Prophecy . . .

The Cat Who Fell from Grace;
One-Eye in Dark Water;
Mad Monarch's Rutting Peacock;
The Ferret in the High King's Cage;
Cursed Keeper of Faith in the Maze:
Take these with thee,
No more,
No less,
Else thou wilt fail
to find the Jaded Soul.

Arin's quest is two-fold.  Find the Jaded Soul lest all of Mithgar be plunged into a chaotic war with Dragonkind, and try to figure out exactly what or who it is she is to bring with her on the quest.  Not an easy task when the entire fate of Mithgar hangs over your head.

-- Excerpts from the book.


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