Tales from the One-Eyed Crow
Cover:  Alex Nino

Tales from the One-Eyed

Takes place:  around 4E2000

Into the jaws of the enemy . . .

"I will take the lead," whispered Riatha, "for elven eyes cope well with gloom."  And into the dark environs of Baron Stoke's fortress they crept, Riatha's gleaming sword in hand, the others following, bringing up the rear.  "Which way?" whispered Riatha, confronted with the choice of labyrinthine paths and winding stairs.  But the answer was cut off by a distant, tortured scream.

Down a long series of steps, towards the sound, they plunged.  And at the bottom, Vulgs came at them out of the darkness; great, black wolf-like creatures, their yellow eyes glowing.  Behind them came dark, scimitar-bearing Rucks, goblin-like with their spindly legs and pointed, wide-gaped teeth.   And suddenly, something glittering flew through the air and shattered on the stairwell wall.  Thick green fumes wooshed forth, and they were all falling down an endless, spiraling tunnel . . .

-- Excerpts from the book.


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