Into the Fire
Cover:  Ciruelo Cabral

Into the Forge
Book two of the Hls Crucible Duology
Takes place:  2E2195

Freedom is not free . . .

A Gargon attacks . . .

YAAAAWWWW!  bellowed the monster, and great waves of unendurable dread blasted outward, and Tip was hurled backwards onto the ground shrieking, his hammering heart all but bursting asunder.   And everywhere about the city, this side and that, ponies squealed and bolted, while wailing Dwarves fell from the steeds and groveled in the snow in dread, their axes and hammers forgotten.  Men, too, dropped howling in terror, many to pitch from the battlements to the cobbles below, breaking their bones, crushing their skulls, dying even as they screamed.

Foul Folk as well tumbled from the towers and ramparts, some to burn in the fire of the moat, while others crashed to the stone streets.   Elsewhere on the walls and the ground outside the city, Rcks and Hlks and Ghls crumpled down and yawled in terror, while Hlsteeds fled across the icy cold plains.

And somewhere nigh the western perimeter, a second wee buccan along with two Elves and a fierce Drawf groveled in the snow in fear.

And just as suddenly as it began, the hideous dread ceased altogether . . .


-- Excerpts from the book.


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Into the Fire

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