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Many races have moved across the face of Mithgar.  You can study all the folk of Mithgar within this chamber.  Individual heroes and dire villains are also profiled within these walls.  Most of what you see here is hidden lore passed down through generation after generation through The Commentaries or The Raven Book . . . so protect it well.

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A famous wizard and curator of The Halls of Mithgar. He defeated Durlok after the he found out that Durlok was a dark mage. But Durlok managed to flee. Many years later, when he was old already, the Pysk, or Hidden One, Farrix saved his life from a wild boar and cared for him until he was healthy again. Years later, Farrix's wife Jinnarin asked him for help because Farrix had vanished and she had nightmares. So they made their search on Aravan's legendary ship Eroean. After a long journey, they finally found Farrix as Durlok's prisoner. They freed him, but could not help the mages prevent Durlok's huge tide that completely destroyed Rwn. Alamar and his daughter Aylis were on the island at that time. If they were kileld or if they managed to flee to Vadaria is not known, but it is also said that the Impossible Child found the answers...

An Elf.  Came to Mithgar from Adonar in the early days of 1E. He loved the sea and after a few centuries of sailing on other ships, he built his own, the Eroean. The Eroean became the most famous ship in the history of Mithgar. It was built completely different, although it is said that he had the advice of the builders of the dragonships from Fjordland. The most peculiar thing about it was, that it had crews of men, dwarfs, and sometimes even waerans. It sailed around the world for millennia, although the crew changed again and again. He once saved the life of a Hidden One, and for that the Pysk gave him an amulet that grew chill if there was any danger near. It was on his ship on that Jinnarin and Alamar sailed around the world to search for the lost Farrix. In that adventure, he fell in love with Alamar's daughter Aylis. When Durok destroyed Rwn after Farrix was saved, Aravan took most of the Hidden Ones on the islands onto his ship. But the destruction of Rwn brought with it the destruction of the gateway between Vadaria and Mithgar. Aylis and Alamar were on Rwn at that time, and it is not known if they survived. Aravan, his crew, and the Pysks killed Durok afterwards, but Aravan's life would be very sad from then on. He brought the Pysks to another homeland and gave up sailing, hiding the Eroean. Then he lived among Elvenkind. In the Great War of the Ban, Jinnarin, Farrix, and another Pysk fought with him against the Rovers of Kistan. On a trip to save the legendary Dawn Sword, his best friend Galarun, who had carried the sword, died, and the Sword itself vanished. From then on Aravan spent his life looking for the murderer, a man with pale face and yellow eyes, and the Dawn Sword, but to no avail. One day he met the elfess Riatha, who waited for the Eye of the Hunter. In that year, she would once again start to hunt Baron Stoke. Her description of Stoke exactly fit the murderer of his friend, so Aravan joined her, the waerans Gwylly and Faeril, and the shapechanging Baeron, Urus. They finally managed to kill Stoke near the Hyranian city of Nigari.   Beforehand, Aravan had learned from the Baron that it was Stoke's father, Ydral, whom he was looking for. So once again he started his search. But an impossible thing happened: Riatha bore a child from Urus. It is said, that Aravan would accompany that Impossible Child on his search for the Dawn Sword and the death of Gyphon himself - hoping to find Ydral, too.

Alamar's daughter, a mage also, although a seer. She also participated in the quest for Farrix and was one of the mages who were on Rwn when the great tide came. Like Alamar, it is not known whether she died on Rwn or survived in Vadaria. When she vanished, it broke Aravan's heart, because those two were in love.

Black Kalgalath
The greatest of the known dragons since the first age. Because Elgo killed Sleeth, he wanted to take revenge, thus destroying the legendary Silverwood, and killing hundreds of Vanadurin in their war against the dwarves. That was the reason Elyn and Thork made their legendary trip to find the Kammerling and kill Black Kalgalath. The dragon, thinking that the great hammer was meant for him, had stolen it from the Utruni and brought it to the dark wizard Andrak, where he believed it safe. But Elyn and Thork killed Andrak and took the Kammerling with them. When they arrived at the dragon's lair, Black Kalgalath killed Elyn. Thork, in his anger, awoke the Kammerling and killed the drake. When he fell form the sky into the ground, Black Kalgalath caused the death of all living things in an area of thousands of miles around his lair. That was in 3E1603, but the land would still shake for thousands of years after that.

She accompanied Thork on his mission. She also was the sister of Elgo, Sleeth's Doom. Being a warrior maiden, she was denied to fight in the war against the dwarves that followed the death of the cold dragon. When Black Kalgalath came to Jord, She went out to search the Kammerling, the weapon that was said to kill the greatest of all dragons - believing that meant Black Kalgalath. On her way, she met the dwarven prince Thork, whose goal was the same. First they were hostile against each other, but then they fell in love. They stole the Kammerling and killed Andrak. At Kalgalath's lair, Elyn was slain by dragon's fire. This made Thork awaken the Kammerling, with which he killed the Black Kalgalath.

The dark God. He believes that the world should be under complete control instead of free. That, and his unsatiable hunger for power, made him Adon's great foe. He made several attempts to control Mithgar completely, but the most famous ones were the Great War of the Ban, after which he was banned beyond the spheres, and the Winter War, that caused the death of Modru, darkest of all mages. It is said that he would try to gain control another time, but that the Impossible Child and the Dawn Sword had to do with his death. Only a few of the gods are under his command, but all of the Foul Folk and some of the Free Folk, are under his dominion.

Jinnarin & Farrix
Two of the legendary Hidden Ones. In 1E9573 Farrix vanished on a trip to find out more about an aurora on the other side of Rwn, and Jinnarin started to have nightmares. She looked for the old wizard Alamar, who owed Farrix a life debt. Together they sailed around the world on Aravan's legendary ship Eroean. When they finally found him, he was a prisoner of the dark mage Durok. They managed to free him, but when they went to warn the wizards of Rwn of Durok, who plans to open a door for Gyphon onto Mithgar, the dark mage destroys the island. The Eroean saves the Hidden Ones, but whether the wizards survived is not known. After that adventure Jinnarin and Farrix took part in death of Durok. Afterwards they went to the Blackwood, were Jinnarin's sire and dam lived. In the Great War of the Ban they were said to have fought at Aravan's side.

Gyphon's "mayor" on Mithgar, the most powerful of dark mages. His name became famous first in the Great War of the Ban when he came close to victory. In about 2E1400 he seduced Andrak to the dark side through a foul trick. Andrak would be the keeper of the Kammerling and be killed by Elyn and Thork in 3E1602. It is said that it was Modru's doing that Black Kalgalath was finally killed with the weapon, because the dragon refused to fight on his side in the War of the Ban. His last attempt to take control over Mithgar was the Winter War. With the Myrkenstone, he managed to build the Dimmendark, which caused the daylight to stop. Also, Gyphon tried to enter Mithgar throught the Myrkenstone. But at the last minute, Tuckerby Underbank destroyed the Stone and forced Gyphon back beyond the spheres. With the destruction of the Myrkenstone, daylight could reach the world again and destroyed Modru himself.

A cold dragon. He was one of the most powerful dragons on Mithgar and one of those that refused to be part of a treaty with the mages concerning the Dragonstone. In the Great War of the Ban he fought on Gyphon's side. In 3E8 he took Blackstone from the dwarves, killing several thousand of them. Many times the dwarves attempted to get the mine back, but always they failed. In 3E1601, he was killed by the proud Harlingar prince Elgo, who managed to get him into the sunlight. That leads to the war between dwarves and Vanadurin, and finally to Andrak's and Black Kalgalath's death at the hands of Elyn and Thork.

A dwarf.  Is a main character in Dragondoom.
Was charged by the dwarves of Kachar to seek the Kammerling (Rage Hammer) in order to slay Black Kalgalath who had recently reclaimed Sleeth's trove from the Jordians, who had slain Sleeth in a daring mission.  Sleeth had originally razed Blackstone, a Dwarvenholt, and stolen his horde from the dwarves.  The Kammerling was said to reside with the wizards in Black Mountain in Xian.   Thork joined forces with Elyn of Jord after rescuing her from the Khalian Mire, for she carried out the same quest.  They formed a tenuous truce.  They were sworn enemies at war over Sleeth's horde, and the fact that Elgo (prince of Jord, Elyn's twin brother) and Brak (DelfLord of Kachar, Thork's father), slew one another in rage.   Thork and Elyn eventually fell in love during their quest.  In the end, they retrieved the Kammerling.  Elyn was slain by Black Kalgalath in the final battle.  Thork destroyed Black Kalgalath with the Kammerling, awaking Dragonslair (a volcano) in the process.  Thork returned to Kachar and became DelfLord in place of his slain brother Baran, who had replaced their slain father Brak.  He declared the war with Jord at an end, and gave half of Sleeth's horde to the Jordians.  He was DelfLord for many years, and was well loved.  It is rumored that he assisted Jord in their war recovery effort.  He never married.
- Bio by Neal Ulen

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Tuckerby Underbank
Tipperton Thistledown
Beau Darby
Baron Stoke
Black Kalgalath
Egil One-Eye


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