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Do you ever ponder when the Fourth Era ended and the Fifth began . . . and why?   You young whippersnappers always seem to neglect your history lessons!  Well, this is your chance to brush up.  Ancient timelines and histories are present within.   Study them well!  You may not leave the chamber until you have answered my quiz . . . well, that's not quite true.  But I would certainly like you to give it a go!  Bah!


Timeline of The Histories of Mithgar
'Ware of Spoilers!

1st Era
1E1: Awain, first High King coronated;
Beginning of 1st Era
1E9572: Farrix observes plumes descending from the aurora toward the sea
1E9573: Farrix sets out to find the destination of the plumes
1E9574: Farrix missing;
Jinnarin seeks Alamar's aid in finding Farrix;
With the help of Aravan the Elf they seek Durlock's island
1E9575: Durlock destoyed by Aravan;
The destruction of Rwn;
Alamar and Aylis presumed killed;
Pathway to Vadaria, home of the Mages, shut;
1st Era ends

2nd Era

~ 2E1400: Modru seduces Andrak to the Dark Side
~ 2E2200: The Sundering;
Draega (Silver Wolves) trapped on Mithgar;
Dalavar (the Wolfmage) chooses to remain with the Draega;
End of the Ban War;
Gargon trapped in Kraggen-Cor;
2nd Era ends

3rd Era

3E8: Sleeth takes Blackstone
~3E500: Dragons begin sleep (1000 years:   3E500-3E1500)
~3E1500: Dragons awake (2000 years:   3E1500-4E1500
3E1578: Elgo and Elyn born, June
3E1589: Elyn's Warrior Maiden training begins;
Elgo's warrior training begins
3E1594: Naudron skirmish
3E1597: Elgo captures Flame
3E1598: Elgo steals Arianne
3E1599: Elgo slays Golga
3E1600: Bram born, July 21
3E1601: Sleeth slain
3E1602: Elgo and Brak slay one another;
War between Harlinger and Dwarves begins;
Quest of Black Mountain begins;
Baran slain by Reynor
3E1603: Elyn slain by Black Kalgalath;
Black Kalgalath slain by Thork;
Quest of Black Mountain ends;
Blackstone reclaimed by the Dwarves
~3E2000: In Valon, Vanadurin defeat the Usurper's minions;
Usurper overthrown;
Valon awarded to the Vanadurin;
3rd Era ends

4th Era

~4E1500: Dragons begin sleep (1000 years:   4E1500-5E481)
4E1992: Patrel Rushlock born near Midwood, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E1995: Tuckerby Underbank born in Woody Hollow, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E1996: Danner Bramblethorn born in Woody Hollow, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E1999: Merrilee Holt born in Woody Hollow, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E2013: Comet Dragon Star flashes through the heavens of Mithgar;
Many pieces hurtle to the ground;
Believed to be a harbinger of doom
4E2018: Winter War begins;
Blackstone besieged
4E2019 Tuckerby destroys the Myrkenstone with the Red Quarrel;
Dimmendark collapses, Adon's Ban is restored;
Winter War ends;
Blackstone freed;
Tuckerby Underbank and Merrilee Holt marry;
4th Era ends

5th Era

5E2: Tuckerby's daughter, Raven Underbank, born in Woody Hollow
5E7: Tuckerby commissioned to record the history of the Winter War;
This work becomes known as The Raven Book
~5E40: Tuckerby's Warren, The Root, becomes a museum of the Winter War
5E46: High King Galen dies at Caer Pendwyr during a raging storm;
His son, Gareth, becomes High King
~5E47: Many Elves depart Mithgar for Adonar
5E73: Tuckerby falls ill;
Dies 14 days later at the age of 97
5E91: Merrilee Holt Underbank dies
5E193: Brega, Bekki's son, Delflord, dies at the age of 242;
Last of the mortal Heroes of the Winter War passes
5E198: Peregrin (Perry) Fairhill born at the Cliffs
5E205: Cotton Buckleburr born in Brackenboro, the Boskydells
5E222: Perry makes his copy of The Raven Book
5E228: Perry moves to Woody Hollow as new Scholar of The Root;
Holly becomes homekeeper of The Root;
Cotton is hired a handywarrow of The Root;
Perry discovers the Brega Scroll
5E229: Gnar the Cruel arises as supreme leader of the spawn in Drimmen-deeve;
Raids in Riamon and Valon begin
5E230: Seventh Durek draws up plans to reoccupy the Drimmen-deeve
5E231: Lord Kian examines The Raven Book in Woody Hollow;
Tale of the Deeveswalker during the Winter War revealed to him;
War of Kraggen-Cor
5E232: Perry writes The Silver Call, a journal of the War of Kraggen-Cor
~5E481: Dragons wake (2000 years:   5E481-5E2481)
5E988: Eye of the Hunter (comet) rides the skies of Mithgar


Alamar Asks . . .

In Ch‚kur, the Dwarvish tongue,
Kraggen-Cor means?

earth's roots
mountain strength
hallowed halls
deep home
Alamar asks . . .

*Possible spoiler . . . answer at your own risk.

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