Trek to Kraggen-Cor
Cover:  Richard Bober

Trek to Kraggen-Cor
Book one of the Silver Call Duology
Takes place:  5E231-32

All dreams fetch with a silver call
and to some the belling of that
treasured voice is irresistible.

Seventh Durek
December 13, 5E231


Through Dawn-Gate or Dusk-Door?

These were the entries to the evil-ridden caverns of Kraggen-Cor.  And through one of the other King Durek's army must go to reclaim the ancient Dwarf realm from terror's sway.

Yet one entry lay sealed shut by a monster's wrath, and the other led straight to an uncrossable chasm that stretched to the very heart of the world.  And these were but the first of the deadly barriers which Warrows, Dwarves, and humans must attempt to overcome on the desperate mission to conquer the vile Spawn of Kraggen-Cor!

-- Excerpts from the book.


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