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Tattered parchment and lizard-skin maps and flags litter the dust covered study tables here . . . cough.  Ahem, yes . . . we'll have to see about cleaning up a bit before you leave, shall we, hmmmm?  Mind, this is only a small part of Mithgar.  Many strange and undiscovered lands reside beyond the bounds of the manuscripts you see before you.  Larger maps may be found about, as well as smaller, more detailed ones.   You only need look.  I'm off to find cleaning supplies so you can tidy up when you're finished!


Flags of Mithgar

Ancient Maps of Mithgar

The Lays of Mithgar

The Lays of Mithgar
Map drawing by S.T. Palmer based on original 1996 D.L. McKiernan

Click on the four quadrants of the map for more details.


List of all maps:

~ Mithgar Proper ~
Large map of Mithgar
Map of NW Mithgar
Map of NE Mithgar
Map of SE Mithgar
Map of SW Mithgar

~ The High Seas ~
Map of Rwn

~ North Mithgar ~
Older map of North Mithgar
Map of Black Mountain
Map of Dragonslair

~ City Proper ~
Woody Hollow


Alamar Asks . . .

How was Sleeth the Orm destroyed?*

The Kammerling
The Silver Sword
Alamar asks . . .

*Possible spoiler . . . answer at your own risk.

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