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The Lexicon of Mithgar

The Lexicon of Mithgar
A glossary of people, places and things of Mithgar

The Lexicon of Mithgar


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NOTE:  I am currently in the process of updating the Lexicon to conform with all the glossaries listed in the back of ITT, SCD, and DD.  You can tell how far I am by the yellow text of the yet it contains few words from books that do not include glossaries.  This glossary is perpetually in the works!   If there is an entry you think should be in here, type up a one-liner and send it to me.

- A -

(the) Account:  Tuckerby Underbank's accounting of the Winter War as told to the scrivners of The Raven Book.   Also the accounts of others recorded in the same book.
  the high deity of Mithgar.   Also known as the Allfather.
  the world on the High Plane where Adon dwells.
Adon's Ban:  See (the) Ban.
Adon's Hammer:
  See (the) Kammerling.
Aevor (Sylva:  wind-dark):  Elven name for Grimspire (q.v.) meaning Darkwind Mountain.
  names used by Warrows to indicate their general ages.   These names change as Warrows grow older.
(Châkur:  stone-loom):  See Grimspire.
  a Man of Jord.  One of the warriors who judged Elyn at her testing of fitness to train as a Warrior Maiden.
Ai:  an exclamation of surprise, delight, or fierce exultation.
  an exclamation of surprise or to call attention.
  Woman of the Fian Downs.  Wife of Aranor.  Mother of Elgo and Elyn.  Daughter of Earl Bost.  Stepsister of Mala.  Alania died of the fever when Elgo and Elyn were small children.
  a Man of Jord.  Healer.  One of Elgo' Warband that destroyed Sleeth in Blackstone.  Died in the Great Maelstrom in the Boreal Sea.
  A Woman of Jord.  Lady of Aranor's Court.
  Cotton's term for a drinking bout.
(the) Allfather:
  See Adon.
(the) Alliance:
  the forces of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Warrows opposed to Modru's forces in the Winter War.  Also the name by which the Weiunwood Alliance was at times known.
(the) Allies:
  Folk of the Alliance.  Also a general term given to any alliance of Free Folk.
(Sylva:  Lord):  an Elven word meaning Lord.
Alor Vanidar
(Sylva:  Lord Silverleaf):  See Vanidar.
  a Man of Jord.  A Loremaster.  Sire of Ruric.
(Châkur:  are with you):  Dwarven term meaning "are with you."
  a Wizard.  Modru's apprentice.  Fought against Adon in the Ban War.  Suffered the Ban.  Slain by Elyn of Jord during the Quest of Black Mountain.
(the) Angle of Gron:
  the Land of Gron (q.v.). Known as the Angle because of its wedge-like shape.
Anvil Ironfist:  a Dwarf of Durek's Folk.  Brother of Borin Ironfist.  Masterwarrior.  Mastercrafter.  Member of the Squad of Kraggen-Cor.  Hero of the War of Kraggen-Cor.  Slain by Gnar in the Battle of Kraggen-Cor.
(Utruni: Sun):  an Utruni word meaning Sun.
  a Man.  Son of Prell.
the Land to the east of the Khalina Mire.
Aranor:  a Man of Jord.  King.  Husband of Alania.   Sire of Elgo and Elyn.  Lost many Men during the War of Kachar.
Aravan:  Elf Lord.  Sailor of the Eorean.    Slayer of Durlock the Mage.  Member of the fellowship that hunted down Baron Stoke.  Seeker of the Dawn Sword.  Bearer of Krystallopyr.   Has lived on Mithgar for all five Eras, at a minimum 7500 years.
Arbagon Fenner:
  a buccan Warrow of the Weiunwood.  Leader of the Wee Folk in Weiunwood during the Winter War.
  a Man of Jord.  As a youth he competed with bow and arrow against Elyn during her testing to reeive Warrior Maiden training.
  See Arden Valley.
Arden Falls:
a cataract between high canyon walls at the narrrow mouth of Arden Valley. The mist from this waterfall hides the valley from the view of outsiders.
Arden Ford: a ford along the Crossland Road where it crosses the Tumble River near Arden Valley.
Arden Valley: a forrested valley of crags in the north of Rell. Home of Talarin's band of Lian Guardians. Perhaps deserted in the time of the War of Kraggen-cor. Site of the Hidden Stand. The Hidden Refuge. Two hidden entrances lead into the Vale: the one in the north is a tunnel-like cavern through Arden Bluff; the one in the south is a road beneath and behind Arden Falls. Also known as Arden, Arden Gorge, Arden Refuge, Arden Vale, the Hidden Stand, the Hidden Vale, the Refuge.
Ardu:  a Man of Jord.  Reynor's younger brother.  As a youth he was to bear Elyn's letter to Aranor at Kachar, but Black Kalgalath's raid upon Kachar prevented him from delivering it.  His story of the raid precipitated Elyn's quest for Black Mountain.
(the) Argon River:
a major river in Mithgar, running along the eastern flank of the Grimwall Mountains and emptying into the Avagon Sea.
Arian:  a Man of Jord.  A huntsman.  Bearer of the news the Naudron raid into the disputed lands between Jord and Naud.  One of Elgo's warband that destroyed Sleeth in Blackstone.  Slain before gates of Kachar during the War of Kachar.
  a Woman of Riamon.  Wife of Elgo, Mother of Bram.   Daughter of Hagor.
  a Fjordsman.  Captain of the Longwyrm.  Raider Captain during the Fjordmen's foray against Atli of Jute.
  an Elfess.  Compainion of Egil One Eye in the Quest of the Green Stone of Xian.
  A Man of Valon.  One of the riders in Brytta's force.  Slain at the Battle of Stormhelm Defile.  One of the Five Riders (q.v.).
  Jordian title of one who trains others in the use of weaponry.
(the) Army:
  generally taken to mean any Army of the Free Folk.
(Valur:  untranslated interjection):  an oathword of Valon used to express ironic reversal.
town near the center of the disputed lands between Jord and Naud. Here was fought the battle where both Elyn and Elgo were first blooded in combat.
(the) Arrow Bearer:  See Tuckerby Underbank.
a continent that cataclysmically drowned beneath the sea. Also known as the Lost Land.
(the) Atalar Blade:  a long-knife of the Lost Land, found in the tomb of Othran the Seer by Tuck.  Borne by Galen, who used the blade against the Krakenward to save Gildor.  Borne by Patrel during the Battle of Challerain Keep.   Placed on display at Tuckerby's Warren after the Winter War.  Borne to the War of Kraggen-Cor by Cotton, where it was used again to wound the Krakenward to help save Durek.
  a Man of Jute.  Prince and then King.  Dwelled for a while with the Fjordsmen, but was banished for murder.  Led a raid against the Fjordmen, which precipitated a blood feud.  Slain by Tarly Olarsson during Arik's raid into Jute.
  a Man of Jord.  Captain whose troop escorted Bram to safety in Riamon, as well as escorting him back after the War of Kachar was finished.
  a Man of Pellar.  High King of Mithgar.  Slain at the Battle of Challerain Keep during the Winter War.  Known as Aurion Redeye because of a scarlet eye-patch worn over an eye blinded in combat against Rovers of Kistan when he was a young Man.  Also known as King Redeye and as Redeye.
(the) Avagon Sea:
a great inland southern sea with a narrow strait into the Weston Ocean bordered upon the southern flanks of Garia, Pellar, Jugo, Hoven, Tugal and Vancha; on the eastern flanks of Alban, Hurn, and Sarain; and on the northern flanks of Chabba, Karoo, and Hyree. The great island of Kistan is in the western Avagon Sea.
Aven: a land bordered on the north and west by the Grimwall Mountains, on the south by Riamon, and on east by Garia. Kaagor Pass connects Aven with Jord.
Aylesworth Brewster:  a Man of Stonehill.  Husband of Molly.   Owner of the White Unicorn Inn.

- B -

Bakkar: one of the Dwarven emissaries slain in Kaagor Pass.
(the) Ban: Adon's banishment of all creatures of the Untargarda from the light of Mithgar's Sun as punishment for aiding Gyphon during the Great War.  Daylight strikes dead any who defy the Ban; their bodies shrivel into dry husks and blow away like dust.  Some creatures of Mithgar, such as Cold-drakes, also suffer the Ban, though Dragonhide will protect the Dragon from withering away.  Also known as the Withering Death.
Baran: a Dwarf of Kachar.  DelfLord during the War of Kachar.  Son of Brak and Sien.  Brother of Thork.  Survivor of the attack in Kaagor Pass, Baran was slain before the gates of Kachar by a spear thrown by Reynor at Bolk, precipitating the final battle in the War of Kachar.
Barda: a Man of Jord.  Captain of the Keepwatch at Jordkeep at the time of the Battle of Arnsburg.
Bargo: a Man of Jord.  One of Elgo's Warband that desroyed Sleeth in Blackstone.  Slain in Kachar by crossbow bolt moments after Elgo was slain.
(the) Barrens:
the cold Land in the north where Modru fled after the Ban War.
(the) battle flag of Jord: white horse rampant on field of green.
(the) battle flag of Kachar: crossed silver axes on field of black.
(the) Battle of Hel's Crucible: the decisive battle of the Ban War.
(the) Battle-tongue (of the Harlingar): an ancient language spoken by the warriors of Jord.  Used to keep secret their plans from ears that might overhear.
Beacontor: the southernmost of the Signal Mountains. The Crossland Road passes near its flanks.
Bears that once were Men: legendary creatures.  Probably werebears.
beasts of the elden days: legendary creatures from the dawning of Mithgar.
beitass: a slender pole used on a Dragonboat to position a sail to catch the wind in a most effective manner.  Also known as a whisker pole.
Bejan: a small mountain village in Xian.
Bellon Falls: a great cataract where the Argon River plunges over the Great Escarpment to fall into the Cauldron.
: a Woman of Jord.  Head seamstress at Jordkeep.
: a type of Dwarven steel.
black-iron armor: Dwarven armor made of black-iron.
black-iron mail: chain mail make of black iron.
Black Kalgalath: a Dragon.  A Fire-drake.  Said to be the mightiest Dragon in Mithgar, though others claimed that Daagor was mightier.  Refused to join Modru in the Ban War.   Slain by the Kammerling, wielded by Thork.   Also known as the Destroyer, and Pillager.
Black Mountain: a great dark mountain in the Grey Mountains of Xian. A Wizardholt.
Blackstone: the Dwarvenholt in the Rigga Mountains bordering on Rian. Invaded by Sleeth the Orm. Also known as the Chakkaholt of the Rigga Mountains, and as the Jewel of the Chakkaholts.
bloodgield (Fjodsmand: blood gold): gold or silver paid to the kindred of those slain unjustly.
bloodquest: a quest for vengeance.
bloodraid: a raid for vengeance.
Bluehall: a Dwarvenholt on the island Kingdom of Gelen in the Weston Ocean.
: a Man of Jord.  A Marshal from the North Reach.
: a Man of Naud.  King at the time of the Battle of Arnsburg.  Sire of Halgar.  Slain in a battle with Kathians.
Bogland Bottoms: a large boggy region south of the Crossland Road and thirty or so miles east of Stonehill.
Bokar: a Dwarf of Blackstone.  DelfLord at the time of Sleeth's taking of Blackstone.
Bolk: a Dwarf of Kachar.  Chief Captain of the Kachar guard.   Warchief after Baran's death until Thork's return.  Banished from Kachar to the Dwarvenholt of Skyloft in the Sky Mountains.
(the) Boreal Sea: a frigid sea north of the Dalara Plains, Rian, Gron, and other Lands, and bordering on the Northern Wastes.
Boskydells: a Warrow homeland surrounded by the Spindlethorn Barrier. Bounded to the north by Rian, to the east by Harth, to the south by Trellinath, and to the west by Wellen.
: a Man of the Fian Downs.   Earl of the Fian Downs.  Sire to Alania.  Stepsire to Mala.
Brackenboro: a Boskydell village south of the Crossland Road and inside the western edge of Eastdell. Here was fought the battle of Brackenboro during the Winter War.
: a Man of Jord.  One of Elgo's Warband that destroyed Sleeth in Blackstone.  Precipitated the attack upon the Dwarven emissaries in Kaagor Pass the day following Elgo's death.  Slain during that skirmish.
Brak: a Dwarf of Kachar.  DelfLord at the time of Sleeth's death.   Trothmate of Sien.  Sire of Baran and Thork.  Slayer of and slain by Elgo in the halls of Kachar.
Bram: a Man of Jord.  King after Aranor.  Son of Elgo and Arianne.  Possessor of the silver horn.
Brammie: nickname of Bram as a child.
: pants
Budgens: a Boskydell hamlet. Site of the first battle of the Struggles during the Winter War.

- C -

Caer Lindor: an Elvenholt on an island in the River Rissanin between Darda Erynian and the Greatwood. Destroyed in the Great War.
Caer Pendwyr: southern strongholt and winter Court of the High King of Mithgar. Situated on Pendwyr Isle, Pellar, between Hile Bay and the Avagon Sea.
Caire River: a river with northern origins in the west side of the Rigga Mountains and running south to the Rivermix at Luren.
Carph: a Land southeast of Xian.
Cauldron: a great churn of water where Vanil Falls and Bellon Falls plunge doen the face of the Great Escarpment to thunder into the River Argon.
Cellener River: a river flowing into the Quadrill in Darda Gallion in southwestern Riamon.
Challerian Keep: norther strongholt and summer Court of the High King of Mithgar.
Crestan Pass: a pass above Arden Valley, crossing the Grimwall Mountains, connecting the Crossland Road with the Landover Road.
Crossland Road: a major east-west road of Mithgar, west of the Grimwall Mountains.

- D -

Dael: the capitol city of North Riamon. Also known as Dael Township.
Daelwood: a forrest in Riamon withing the ring of the Rimmen Mountains.
Dalgor Marches: a region of Riamon west of the Argon River and east of the Grimwall, through which the Dalgor River flows.
Dalgor River: a river flowing eastwardfrom the Grimwall into the Argon River.
Darda Erynian: Elven name meaning Greenhall Forrest. A great forest east of the Argon River in Riamon. Also know as Blackwood of old, and as the Great Greenhall.
Darda Gallion: Elven name meaning Forrest of the Silverlarks. a great forrest of Eld Trees in southwestern Riamon, west of the Argon River. Last true home of the Lian in Mithgar. Also known as Eldwood and as Larkenwald.
Dellin Downs: a low range of hills central to Harth.
Delon: an island in the Argon River, north of Landover Road Ford.
Dendor: the capital city of Aven.
disputed lands: lands in Jord between the River Judra and the Gray River, claimed by Naud.
Dingle-rill: a Boskydell river flowing from Bigfen eastward to empty at last into the Spindle River.
Doku: a mountain village in Xian.
Downdell: the southeasternmost of the Seven Dells of the Boskydells. Noted for its leaf.
Dragon's Roost: the name of a headland in the Gronfang Mountains overlooking the Great Maelstrom, where it is said the Dragons gather in the time of the mating with the Krakens.
Dragonslair: a volcano in the Grimwall Mountains. Extinct until the death of Black Kalgalath, whose manner of dying caused the mountain to explode.
Drearwood: a forrest in Rhone through which wends the Crossland Road. In this wood in days of yore were said to dwell dreadful creatures, creatures driven out by the Elves of Arden during the Purging.

- E -

Easton: a town in the disputed lands, north and west of Arnsburg.
East Reach: one of the four quadrants (Reaches; Reichs) of Jord.

- F -

(the) First Era: the first period of history of Mithgar lasting approximately 9575 years.  Begins with the coronation of High King Awain, and ends with the destruction of Durlock and the island of Rwn.

- G -

Gamman: an eld Man.   Member of the elder council of Twoforks.
a Land bordered by Aven on the north, Alban on the east and south, the Avagon sea and Pellar on the south and west, and Riamon in the west.
Great Maelstrom: a great whirlpool in the Boreal Sea in the strait between where the Gronfang Mountains plunge into the sea and the Seabane Islands.
Grey Mountains: an east-west chain of mountains in Xian.
Grey River: a river marking the west boundry of the disputed lands between Jord and Naud.
Grimwall Mountains: a great chain of Mountains in Mithgar generally running in a northeasterly-southwesterly direction.
Gron: Modru's evil Realm. Barren and bleak, it is a great wedge of land between the Gronfang Mountains to the east and the Rigga Mountains to the west, bordered on the north by the Boreal Sea.
Gronfang Mountains: a north-south chain of mountains running from the Boreal Sea to the north to the Grimwall Mountains in the south. Also know as Modru's Claws.
gwynthyme:  A golden mint which neutralizes poisons and promotes healing.  Said to grow high in the mountains during the summer.

- H -

Hall of the Giants: a dwelling place of the Utruni deep within the Living stone of Mithgar.
Hèl: Hell. Also know as the Underworld.
High Plane: one of the three Planes of Creation, holding the High World.
Hohgarda: all of the worlds on the High Plane.
Horde: a military formation of Foul Folk, numbered at 10,000.  Equal to 10 segments.
Hyree: a southern Realm of Mithgaralied with Gron during the Great War.

- I -

Inge: a village in Aralon where Thork was taken to be healed after the destruction of Dragonslair.

- J -

Jallor Pass: the pass across the Grimwall Mountains from Jord into Aven at the western reach of Jord.
Jord: a Land of Mithgar. Bounded on the north by the Boreal Sea, on the east by Fjordland, Kath, and Naud, on the south by the Grimwall Mountains, and on the west by the Gronfang Mountains. Also known as The Steppes of Jord, for much of the Kingdom is on a vast high grassy plateau.
Jordkeep: the castle and dwelling of the Kings of Jord.
Judra River: a river marking the border between Jord and Naud.
Jung: a Land of Mithgar far to the east.
Jute: a land of Mithgar. A great island, surrounded on the north, east, and south by the Ryngar Arm of the Weston Ocean, and on the west by the Weston Ocean.

- K -

Kaagor Pass: a pass through the Grimwall Mountains from Jord to Aven. Twenty-one miles long, generally low altitude, generally open throughout the year. Located at the easterly end of Jord.
Kachar: a Dwarvenholt in the Grimwall Mountains bordering on Aven.
Kath: a Land of Mithgar. Bordered on the north by Fjordland and the Boreal Sea, on the east by the untended lands, on the south by Naud, and on the west by Jord.
Khalian Mire: a great swamp in the Land of Khal. Borders on the Realm of Aralan.
Kistan: an island Realm in the Avagon Sea allied with Gron during the Great War. Home of sea rovers (pirates).
Kraggen-cor (Chakur: Mountain strength; Mountain might): the greatest of all Dwarvenholts. Located in the Grimwall Mountains below the four great mountains of the Quadran. Bordering on Riamon in the east and Rell in the west.

- L -

Little Grey: a river in Jord near the Kathian Border. Tributary of the Grey River.

- M -

Middle Plane: one of the three Planes of Creation holding the middle worlds, including Mithgar.
Mineholt North: the Dwarvenholt located in the Rimmen Mountains in Riamon.
Mithgar: a term generally meaning the world, but can also be in reference to the Realms ruled by the High King. Also know as Mitheor. (Chakkur: mid-earth).
Mittegarda: all of the worlds on the Middle Plane.
moonwrad:  a root that is dried into a fine powder and infused into tea.  When administered internally to those affilicted with the plague, it is said to reduce buboes, and reduces pustules when applied externally.  Dosage:  unknown.   Cures one in six or seven.  Said to grown near the headwaters of the River Wilder.

- N -

Naud: a Land in Mithgar, bounded on the North by Kath, on the east by the untended lands, on the south bu the Grimwall Mountains, and on the west by Jord.
Neddra: the name of on of the Untargarda, whence came the Foul Folk.

- O -


- P -

Pellar: the principle Kingdom of Mithgar. Bounded on the north by Riamon, on the east by the Inland Sea and Garia, on the south by the Avagon Sea, and on the west by Jugo. Here dwells the High King.
Planes: all of existence. there are three planes of existence acknowledged: the High Plane, containing the Hohgarda (the High Worlds); the Middle Plane, containing the Mittegarda (the Middle Worlds); and the Lower Plane, containing the Untargarda (the Under Worlds). That there may be additional Planes is a subject of controversy, for scholars point out that there is the Great Abyss, and it is not know to exist upon any one of the three Planes, hence must be in another part of existence.
Prell:  a Man.  Mayor of Twoforks during the War of the Ban.

- Q -

Quartzen Hills: a range of hills east of the Rimmen Mountains. Here are located the Quartzen Caves, a Dwarvenholt.

- R -

Reachwood: a great wood west of Jordkeep.
Red Caves: the Dwarven Mineholt in the Red Hills.
Rell: an abandoned Land of Mithgar. Bounded on the north by Arden, on the east and south by the Grimwall Mountains, and on the west by the River Tumble along Rhone.
Render's Col: a pass through stony hills between the Kathian Border and Jordkeep. Called Render's Col because travellers are at times waylaid by ambushes in its clutch.
Rhondor: a city of commerce on the shores of the Inner Sea at the outlet of the Ironwater River. Because of a scarcity of nearby forests, the city is made of tile, brick, and fireclay.
Rhone: an abandoned Land of Mithgar. Bounded on the north by the Rigga Mountains, on the east and south by Arden and the River Tumble, and on the west by the River Caire and along Harth and Rian.
Riamon: a Realm of Mithgar, divided into two sparsely settled Kingdoms. North Riamon and its Trust, South Riamon. Bounded on the north by Aven, on the east by Garia, on the south by Pellar and Valon, and on the west by the Grimwall Mountains.
Rian: a Realm of Mithgar, bounded on the north by the Boreal Sea, on the east by the Rigga Mountains and Rhone, on the south by the Wilderland and the Boskydells, and on the west by the Dalara Plains and the Jillian Tors. To gt to Blackstone, a traveller must fare through Rian.
Rigga Mountains: a north-south chain of mountains between Rian to the west and Gron to the east, running from the Boreal Sea in the north to the Grimwall Mountains and Gruwen Pass in the south.
Rimmen Mountains: a great ring of Mountains in North Riamon.

- S -

Seabane Islands: a string of islands located in the Boreal Sea where the Gronfang Mountains plunge down into the water. Here is located the Great Maelstrom.
(the) Second Era: the second period of history of Mithgar lasting approximately 2200 years.  Begins with the destruction of Durlock and the island of Rwn, and ends with the ending of the Ban War and The Sundering.
segment: a military formation of Foul Folk, numbered at 1,000.   Equal to one tenth of a Horde.
Sliverwood: a forest of birch and aspen located in Aven on the marge of Kachar. Burnt by Black Kalgalath.
Skaldford (Fjordsman: Bardsfjord): a fjord on Fjordland. The name can be translated to mean Bardsfjord, Poetsfjord, Sagasfjord, or Singersfjord.
Skaldfjordstad (Fjordsman: Bardsfjord town): a village at the root of Skaldfjord.
Skog: a great shaggy forest on the eastern edge of Aralon.
Sky Mountains: a generally east-west range of mountains forming the border between Gothon and Basq. The range arcs north of then into the western end of the Grimwall Mountain range.
Skyloft: a Dwarvenholt in the Sky Mountains, facing into Gothon.
silveroot:  See moonwrad.

- T -

Tessa: a Woman.  Member of the elder council of Twoforks.  Owner of the Red Fox Innall of the worlds upon the Lower Plane.
Trake: an eld Man.  Member of the elder council of Twoforks.

- U -

Untargarda: all of the worlds upon the Lower Plane.

- V -

Valon: a Land of Mithgar, roughly circular, with vast grassy plains. Bounded on the north-to-east-to-south margin by the River Argon, beyond which lie Riamon and Pellar; respectively; and on the south-to-west margin by by the Red Hills, beyond which lies Jugo; and on the west-to-north margin by the Gunarring and by the Great Escarpment, beyond which lie, respectively, Gunar and Darda Galion. Valon was awarded to the Jordians for their service to the rightful High King in the War of the Usurper. Until occupied by the Vanadurin, the Land was known as Ellor.

- W -

Weston Ocean: a great sea to the west, beyond which new lands are said to lie.
Wolfwood: a great shaggy forest in the lands east of Aralon. Here it is said that eld beasts yet live.

- X -

Xian: a Land far to the east in Mithgar where Wizards are said to dwell.

- Y -


- Z -


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