Your guide, the Mage Alamar

Ah, greetings and well met!  Please come in...mind the rugs, remove your boots!  You seem to have undertaken a quite lengthy journey to reach The Halls of Mithgar...and you look no less for the wear.  I suppose you'll be wanting some tea, neh?  Very well.  Have a seat by the hearth.  Is it too much to ask that you stoke the fire while you wait for service?  Hummph!

I am the Mage Alamar, your guide through The Halls of Mithgar.  The Halls are full of ancient Mithgarian lore, and is your resource to unlocking the mysteries of the past.  There are seven chambers within:

Scribe: Delve into the background of storyteller Dennis L. McKiernan.
Tomes: Study the ancient Histories of Mithgar.
Folk: Knowledge of the greatest heroes and villains ever to trod Mithgar.
Land: The lays of all known regions of Mithgar.
History: Timelines and histories of days gone past.
Lexicon: A treatise covering the languages, people, places, and things of Mithgar.
Kiosk: Post your comments and questions about Mithgar and Mr. McKiernan.
Teleport: Magical transports to other lost Mithgarian lore.
Polls: Archive of previous Halls of Mithgar polls.

As more Mithgarian knowledge is uncovered, future chambers will be added.

Pah!  Are you still sipping tea?  Come, come...we've so much to do and so little time!  Mind you!  Be on your toes for I'm bound to quiz you along the way!  Oh, and mind the wyrms!  They can be a bit pesky at times.

What's new at The Halls of Mithgar! ~

I've created a new high res, full color map in the "Land" section. Check it out!
Updated:  August 1, 2019

A Wyrm of Mithgar


Alamar Asks . . .

Who slew the wyrm Black Kalgalath?*

Aravan the Elf
Foul Elgo
Elyn and Thork
The Great Alamar
Alamar asks . . .

*Possible spoiler . . . answer at your own risk.

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