Caverns of Socrates
Cover:  Donato Giancola

Caverns of Socrates

Our job is to escape the cave, look around, then
come back and tell the others what we have
seen . . . Of course, they won't believe us.

Daniel Kian McKiernan


A witch after the gem!

Even as Arton shouted to wake and warn the others, the harridan who had tried to bespell him gestured at the near wall of the cavern, and raging creatures struggled free of the stone.

The hag raised a hand toward Arton and one of Rith's blades slammed into her.  She howled in agony as silver sizzled and burned her flesh.

Her form changed then, becoming a huge, shambling amorphous dark thinkg of yowling blackness.

"Demon!" cried Rith, while behind her sounded a monstrous roar, and struggling out from the stone at the demon's command came the muzzle and head of a colossal beast . . .

-- Excerpts from the book.


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