Tales of Mithgar
Cover:  Keith Parkinson

Tales of Mithgar
Takes place:  Various Dates

Know this, my child,
that when iron bells ring
they can knell in joy or sorrow

An audience with Evil . . .

To one side stood a massive black stone throne, draped in ebon velvet, and a great darkness clotted thereupon.  And Gnasha hobbled past a huge table set with an iron service for thirteen, and he fell to his face before the vile shadow upon the thrown.

How long he lay thus he could not say, yet at last a sibilant whisper came hissing through the darkness:  "Ah, good Gnasha, what brings my moor commander before me?"

"Lord Modru" -- Gnasha raised his head just enough to speak clearly -- "the outrunners report that a great army has marched forth from the Gronfangs, just south of Claw Gap, an army of Men and Elves."   Gnasha swallowed, his throat dry with terror, for he feared to say his next words, yet he knew the penalty to do otherwise.  "Master, they bear the standards of . . .of Agron."

"What!"  Modru's voice lashed out, blackness rushing forth, and Gnasha cringed against the stone . . .

-- Excerpts from the book.


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