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Step through yon portals and be transorted to the far corners of the Planes.   There are links to other Mithgar lore, as well as other worlds of fantastic adventure.  'Ware . . . mark The Halls of Mithgar lest you get lost in your journeys and cannot find your way back!

Mithgarian Lore:

Encyclopedia Mithgar
Mithgar - It's Fantastic

Fantastic Lore: - Online serial novels
Books A to Z
The British Fantasy Society
Event Horizon Online Magazine
Fantasy Finder
The Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List
Locus Online
The Mining Company
Nuketown Online Magazone
Planet Online Magazine
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Book Database
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
Science Fiction Weekly
The SF Site

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Alamar Asks . . .

What were Elgo's final word(s)?

Die Brak!
Jordkeep has fallen!
Alamar asks . . .

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