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Ahaa!!  Now we're to the meat and potatoes of The Halls of Mithgar!   Enclosed within this chamber are the Histories of Mithgar.  Tragic endeavors, deadly battles, heroic conquests, creatures dire, villians aplenty . . . and love.   Yes, you heard me right!  Even the mightiest of magekind know that "true love be the greatest enchantment of all."

Stay as long as you like, peruse the collection.  There, there!!!  Careful with the manuscripts lest I turn you into something terribly small and fragile!

Reading order of the Histories of Mithgar
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Published Order - Abbrev

The Iron Tower Trilogy - ITT
The Dark Tide - DT
Shadows of Doom - SD
The Darkest Day - DD

The Silver Call Duology - SCD
Trek to Kraggen-Cor - TKC
The Brega Path - BP

Dragondoom - DD
Tales from the One-Eyed Crow - TOC
The Eye of the Hunter - EH
Voyage of the Foxrider - VF
Tales of Mithgar - TM
The Dragonstone - DS

The Hls Crucible Duology - HCD
Into the Forge - IFO
Into the Fire - IFI

Silver Wolf, Black Falcon - SWBF
Red Slippers:  More Tales of Mithgar - RS
City of Jade - CJ
Stolen Crown - SC

Non Mithgar Titles

Caverns of Socrates

Chronological Order - Date

The Dragonstone - 1E9251
Voyage of the Foxrider - 1E9574-75

The Hls Crucible Duology: - 2E2195
Into the Forge
Into the Fire

Dragondoom - 3E1602-03
Stolen Crown - 3E1986-??
Tales of Mithgar - Various Dates
Tales from the One-Eyed Crow  ~ 4E2000

The Iron Tower Trilogy: - 4E2018-19
The Dark Tide
Shadows of Doom
The Darkest Day

The Silver Call Duology: - 5E231-32
Trek to Kraggen-Cor
The Brega Path

The Eye of the Hunter - 5E989-90
Silver Wolf, Black Falcon
 ~ 5E1009
City of Jade - 5E1010-6E9
Red Slippers - Various Dates

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The Dark Tide The Dark Tide
Book One of The Iron Tower Trilogy:  Published - August, 1985

When legends wake and shadowlight cloaks the land, will the master of evil return to rule?

Long ages has the Dark Lord slumbered.  But now he is stirring again, his Power building to new heights, dimming the very sun, waking legends to walk the land.  It is the long-feared time of reckoning!  Galen, High-King of Mithgar, sounds a desperate call to the Warriors of the Light.  And Tuck and his fellow Warrows -- small but doughty fighers with the gift of Sight -- join with the ever-growing army of Dwarves, Elves, and human warriors to stem this deadly tide of destruction.  The final conflict has begun . . .Up


Shadows of Doom Shadows of Doom
Book Two of The Iron Tower Trilogy:  Published - September, 1985

The winter war had begun . . .

At Gunnaring Gap, the valiant Riders of Valon began their charge.  And though Challerain Keep lay in ruins and treachery had led to the capture of Princess Laurelin, heroes strode forth from the ranks of Men, Elves, Warrow and Dwarves to turn the tide of doom.  And across the land ruled by unnatural disaster, freedom flickered and burst into flame . . . Up


The Darkest Day The Darkest Day
Book Three of The Iron Tower Trilogy:  Published - October, 1985

The destined hour has come . . .

It is the time foretold, when the Dark Liege Gyphon will return from exile to subdue all creation to his vile domination.  In the Iron Tower, Modru works his magics to summon his implacable lord.  And across Mithgar, the Warriors of Light are massing for their final assault on the Powers of Dark.   Men, Elves, Dwarves and doughty Warrows, their state is desperate but their courage is high.  For if they fail, there comes the unending Darkest Day.  If they succeed, all will see the dawn of a New Age of legend and glory . . . Up


Trek to Kraggen-Cor Trek to Kraggen-Cor
Book One of The Silver Call Duology:  Published - April, 1987

A call to war!

More than two hundred years after the Dark Lord's defeat by the brave alliance of Warrow, human, Dwarf, and Elf, evil is again stirring, and man and Dwarf must turn to the small but stalwart Warrows for aid.  And thus it is that Peregrin Fairhill and Cotton Buckleburr, keepers of the Silver Horn, find themselves marching with the Dward King at the head of a mighty army.  Ther are pledged to lead the way along the almost forgotton path to Kraggen-Cor, legendary realm under the Mountain.  But Kraggen-Cor is now home to all creatures of evil that yet remain in Mithgar.  And even if Perry and Cotton can reopen the ancient way, will they be leading their allies to glorious victory -- or certain doom? Up


The Brega Path The Brega Path
Book Two of The Silver Call Duology:  Published - July, 1987

The Final Battle!

Kraggen-Cor, once the heart of the Dwarf kingdom, now the mountain fastness of all the creatures of evil that remain in Mithgar.   Here the Dwarf King Durek has led his forces to fulfill his destiny and reclaim his realm.  But with the Dawn Gate held by enemy troops and the Dusk Door of Kraggen-Cor barred by a nightmare guardian, Durek must split his forces.  He sends the Warrow Perry, the human Kian, and several doughty Dwarf warriors to chance the Brega Path, the legendary twisting way through the heart of Kraggen-Cor.  With the powers of evil in pursuit, can this small band win through to Durek's army before the enemy springs a diabolical trap which could prove the death of all the Dwarves in Mithgar? Up


Dragondoom Dragondoom
Published - February, 1990

A thousand years before the Winter War, proud Elgo, valiant prince of the hard-riding, hard-fighting Vanadurin, and his warband defeat the seemingly invincible dragon Sleeth.  The fabulous wealth in the drake's lair is brought home amid great rejoicing.  But little did they realize that there was more in their bounty than gems and gold -- death for noble and peasant, war between Man and Dwarf, strife and destruction beyond reckoning.  And in the midst of disaster wings the greatest dragon of them all, Black Kalgalath, in league with the evil wizard, Andrak, to avenge Sleeth's death and claim the Dragon-cursed hoard.

Against this unholy alliance two sworn enemies each set forth to find the legendary silveron warhammer that could challenge even these two terrible foes.  But neither Elyn of Jord nor Thork of Kachar could know of the perils that lay ahead . . . perils to life, and limb, and heart.

Yet even had they known that their trek would end in the clutch of death, they still would have gone, for it was their destiny to face the Dragondoom. Up


Tales From the One-Eyed Crow Tales from the One-Eyed Crow: The Vulgmaster
A Graphic Novel:  Published - July, 1991

Petal, a female Warrow (one of the Wee Folk), is kidnapped by Baron Stoke, the profoundly evil shapechanger and Master of the Vulgs, now immortal after having made a pact with a demon centuries back.  But three of Petal's friends decide to save her, and they take on the Baron and his ruthless allies.

What happens next in this tantalizing tale of heroic and deadly adventure is told by and Old Warrow to his friends during a blizzard that traps them in and inn called "The One-Eyed Crow." Up


The Eye of the Hunter The Eye of the Hunter
Published - October, 1992

The Prophecy -- "When spring comes upon the land, Yet Winter grips with icy hand, And the Eye of the Hunter stalks the night skies, Bane and blessing alike will rise.  Lastborn Firstborns of those who were there, Stand at thy side in the light of the Bear, Hunter and hunted, who can say Which is which on a given day?"

A thousand years had passed since the Eye of the Hunter last glared in the heavens.  A thousand years since the immortal Elfess Riatha brought word of the prophecy to the Warrows Tomlin and Petal with whom she had leagued to hunt down and defeat Baron Stoke, one of the most evil beings ever to stalk the lands of Mithgar.  The price of Stoke's doom had been a beloved companions life, the two plunging, locked in combat, down an icy chasm which had sealed shut above them with the ring of eternity.

Now the comet known as the Eye of the Hunter again rode Mithgar's skies, and the creatures of darkness once again ravaged the lands, heralding the imminent return of their dread master, Baron Stoke.  And now five brave souls must answer the call of prophesy:  Riatha and the Elf called Aravan; Gwylly and Faeril, last in a long line of Firstborn Warrow descendants of Tomlin and Petal; and one other, on restored to them from death's chill grasp . . . Up


Voyage of the Fox Rider Voyage of the Fox Rider
Published - October, 1993

It began with a Pysk and a promise.

Mage Alamar was astounded by his unexpected visitor, a foot-tall woman riding a fox -- the Lady Jinnarin, a Pysk, one of the legendary Hidden Ones.  Only the direst emergency could have drawn the Pysk from the sanctuary of Darda Glain, and, indeed, it was both love and terror that had driven Jinnarin to Alamar's door.  For her mate, Farrix, had vanished months before, seeking the source of a mysterious series of plumes he'd spied being drawn to earth from the auroral lights.   Since his departure, Jinnarin had been plagued again and again by a nightmare in which she stood within a crystal castle, helplessly watching the approach of a black galleon sailing a pale green, storm tossed sea -- a galleon which, as it neared, transformed into a horror so overwhelming she always woke in the icy grip of fear.   Farrix is in terrible danger, Jinnarin has come to Alamar, for the Mage owes Farrix a life debt.  And so Pysk and Mage embark on a quest to find the vanished Farrix, a quest that will see them roving the world aboard the fabled ship of Aravan the Elf -- a quest that will pit Pysk, Mage, Elf, Men, and Dwarves against a master of evil bent on opening a pathway of power to Mithgar for his own Dark God . . . Up


Tales of Mithgar Tales of Mithgar
Stories of Mithgar:  Published - September, 1994

A time and a place of legends.

Enter if you will the One-Eyed Crow, a cozy inn in the southeast corner of Market Square in the hamlet of Woody Hollow, in the heart of the Boskydells, home to those legendary beings, the Warrows.  Warm yourself by the roaring fire, have a sip of some of the finest ale you'll ever have the chance to taste, and sit back and listen while the Wee Folk, their gemlike eyes gleaming with excitement, tell their unforgettable tales:  A heroic leads a Warrow pair, and Elfess warrior, and a bear of a Man into the very heart of the vile Baron Stoke's citadel of evil.  A storm-lost Thornwalker finds himself seeking the shelter in a wolf's den.  A fisherman tells a story about the honor of the chase.  A spell-fueled war sets Agron's mighty army against Wizard Modru's vile Hordes.  Here are eleven new interwoven adventures of Mithgar down through the ages, as the finest Warrow tale-spinners -- some heroes in their own right, some the descendants of those small survivors of earlier times -- weave their very special enchantments for you, breathing new life into events long past but never forgotten. Up


The Dragonstone The Dragonstone
Published - November, 1996

Vision of a future that must not be . . .

Arin's visions come to her unbidden, summoned by the campfires into which she stares long into the night.  They are flashes of things long past -- or yet to come.  But never before before has she had a vision of such horror, suffering, bloodshed . . . of riving hordes and raging Dragons.  It is a terrifying window onto the most terrible of wars, a conflagration that promises to swallow all of Mithgar -- unless it can be stopped.

Now this valiant Elven lady embarks upon a desperate mission to understand that which fate has thrust upon her -- and to block the fulfillment of her nightmarish prophecy.  Through the aid of a potent wizard, the depths of her fell vision are plumbed, and a mysterious riddle of a cat, a one eye, a peacock, a ferret, and a keeper are revealed.

And so Arin's quest begins:  a perilous trek across countless leagues to discover the meaning behind the puzzle, for without these clues, she cannot hope to find the one relic of terrible power which promises to be the scourge of Mithgar -- the mighty Dragonstone . . . Up


Into the Forge Into the Forge
Book One of the Hls Crucible Duology:  Published - September, 1997

A fell and ancient sorcery has engulfed the kingdoms surrounding the mighty Grimwall mountains, bringing them headlong into battle with forces of great evil.  From that, two unlikely heroes emerge whose deeds will be immortalized in song and fable for generations to come.

When Tip and Beau, two Warrows from the village of Twoforks, attempt to save a mortally wounded warrior, they inherit a mission of tremendous importance.  Before his dire injuries take him, the dying fighter gives them a simple copper coin and a cryptic message:  "Take the coin east to Agron, and warn all."

But even as these two build a funeral pyre for the dead swordsman, there is danger crowding at their heels.  Hordes of Foul Folk have been seen wandering the countryside, burning and plundering as they go, and rumors of war spread like wildfire while elves and men gather in armed bands to defend their settlements.  As Tip and Beau become enmeshed in the escalating violence and intrigue of their homeland, they can only wonder if the strange coin they now hold has something to do with it all.  Only the completion of their quest will tell.  And so eastward the two heroes go, into foreign lands filled with monsters and magic beyond anything they could imagine -- and a terrible war that threatens to undo more than Mithgar . . . Up


Into the Fire Into the Fire
Book Two of the Hls Crucible Duology:  Published - August, 1998

As the Foul Folk spread their evil across the kingdoms of Mithgar, two Warrows, bound by a pledge to a dying swordsman, continue their venture into the very teeth of the conflict ravaging the entire world. Yet Tip and Beau do not travel alone. Fortune has favored them with assistance from many strange allies, including companions sworn to protect them as they move eastward to deliver their mysterious token to an even more mysterious end: Agron.

Beset on all sides by creatures of legend, by treachery, by the loss of loved ones, and by cataclysmic ruin, Tip and Beau and their allies - Elves, Dwarves, mages, a pack of Silver Wolves and their mysterious leader, Warrior maidens, and Hidden Ones - struggle to keep the world from falling into darkness irredeemable.

At last there comes a summons from the High King himself, a call to the final great battle of war, where the fate of all hinges upon its outcome. And so Tip and Beau head into peril again, bearing only the puzzling words of an Elven Seer to guide them: "Seek the aid of those not men to quench the fires of war." To find the answers they must march in the forefront of a magnificent host and do battle with the vast armies of Modru, the malevolent Black Mage determined to lead the young Warrows and their allies into the very crucible of Hl . . . Up


Silver Wolf, Black Falcon Silver Wolf, Black Falcon
The Final Mithgar Book:  Published - June 2000

Read the prologue! Up


Red Slippers: More Tales of Mithgar
Published - June 2004

Read the prologue! Up

City of Jade
Published - June 2008

Read the prologue! Up


Stolen Crown
Published - June 2014

Read the prologue! Up


Non Mithgar Titles

Caverns of Socrates Caverns of Socrates
Published - December, 1995

They called themselves the Black Foxes, a group of adventure gamers transformed into:  a pathfinder, a master healer, a bard whose music worked surprising magic, a syldari Shadowmaster able to bend the darkness itself, and the leader, himself a warrior extraordinaire.  They were chosen to help test Avery, an artificial intelligence designed to create a virtual reality universe so convincing that the Black Foxes would forget the outside world.  But no one anticipated losing control of Avery.  Now the only hope for the Black Foxes rests in carrying out a dangerous and deadly quest to defeat the DemonQueen and beat Avery at his own game. Up


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