Voyage of the Fox Rider
Cover:  Keith Parkinson

Voyage of the Fox Rider
Takes place:  1E9574-75

Fox Rider, Fox Rider,
Where are you bound?
After my true love,       Deep in my dreams
Wherever he's found.       The whole world 'round.

Black on black, something immense loomed out of the mist . . .

The Elvenship juddered, timbers splintering, and the sailor's right hand was jolted from the ice-clad bronze -- he was going to fall.   Suddenly someone gripped his wrist and he was dragged up and over the wale, a giant Man hauling him to safety amidst the sound of splitting beams and a pounding of a drum and a great splashing and churning of water.

"Iceberg!" the lookout shouted, pointing at the blackness abeam.  But even as he called it, he knew it was not so.

Boom! . . . Boom! . . . Boom! . . . Boom! . . . sounded the beat of the drum, and amid the splintering of hull planking, slowly the dark mass withdrew.  Suddenly, the Elvenship rolled free, the darkness turning her loose and backing away to disappear in the fog.  Amid the shouts of Men and Dwarves, the Elvenship began to sink, her hull holed, icy water pouring in.  And out from the frigid mist, amid the beat of a drum and the splashing churn, there came the sound of cold laughter.

-- Excerpts from the book.


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