What's New at The Halls of Mithgar

August 3, 2019:
  • Big news! With Dennis' approval I've re-created the entire known Mithgar world in Wonderdraft. No more low resolution maps! Click on the "Land" section to the left to check it out!


August 17, 2018:
  • The Halls of Mithgar celebrates its 20th birthday! Hard to believe this site has been around for 20 years.


May 31, 2013:
  • Discovered the entire Halls of Mithgar archived on a hard drive. Uploaded to infinispace.net...eleven years have passed. Wow.
  • I may do a complete revamp and modernization of the Halls if I find the time.
  • Enjoy!


November 5, 2000:
  • Linked to the new message board at GamerForums.Net...one of my many projects.


June 11, 2000:
  • Wow, me = slacker.  Long time between updates, this one corresponding to the release of SW,BF.
  • Added a new poll and archived Poll #3 under the Previous Polls section.
  • Added SW,BF info.
  • Added link to Mithgar Map Contest.
  • Added new maps done by Jack R. Cook.
  • Updated the scribe section with some new pics.
  • Note:  The Halls is approaching its second B-day.


November 30, 1999:
  • Added a new poll and archived Poll #2 under the Previous Polls section.


September 10, 1999:
  • Added a Previous Polls section to house polls from the message board.  Poll #1 is complete.


September 8, 1999:
  • Added a flags section under the Land section.  All credit goes to Dennis and Jack R. Cook for these flag images!


August 16, 1999:
  • Just want to take a second to wish the Halls a 1st birthday (see the very bottom of this page).  It's been fun and I look forward to the next year!


July 31, 1999:
  • The message board got completely hosed up, with some embarrasing cross posts from other BeSeen boards.  I've dumped them and switched to a Gamers Extreme board.  Check out the new board...and be sure to answer the poll at the top!


July 13, 1999:
  • I may have found a helper to assist me in finishing up the Lexicon (keep fingers crossed).  Also, finally posted Dennis' prologue to Silver Wolf, Black Falcon which will be available in hardback sometime in 2000.


June 8, 1999:
  • Wow!  Long time since the last update.  Added some more entries to the Folks section.  Shouts to Larry Aeschliman for his help!


February 27, 1999:
  • Began the slow process of updating the Lexicon so it includes all glossaries printed to date.  This will be slowly ongoing.


February 17, 1999:


October 7, 1998:
  • Finally started Folk section.  I need help doing character bios.  See the Kiosk section for my post asking for help.


October 5, 1998:
  • Tweaked Lexicon.
  • Add sites under Teleport.
  • Pretty boring updates, eh?


September 30, 1998:
  • Added Foxrider review by Jon Hall.
  • Added date to History.


September 11, 1998:
  • Added more links in Teleport section.
  • Made a fix in the History section - thanks Dennis!
  • Been busy, additions to the site will slow somewhat.


August 31, 1998:
  • Major progress on the History section.
  • Send important dates!!!!!


August 30, 1998:
  • Started the History section.


August 28, 1998:
  • Added a map of Woody Hollow.
  • Lexicon section -A- completed!  Whew!
  • Added an Into the Fire excerpt.


August 27, 1998:
  • Tales of Mithgar review by Jon Hall - Thanks!  Please send your reviews!
  • Into the Fire images scanned and up, synopsis up.
  • Lexicon section started.
  • Scribe section update.


August 25, 1998:
  • Discussion board up, post often!  ;-).
  • Land section up.


August 24, 1998:
  • Tomes section mostly up.
  • Added some older interviews with Dennis under the Scribe section.


August 17, 1998:
  • The Halls of Mithgar opens its vaults.


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